Lesson #10: The Course Overview

Last Update: September 18, 2013

This lesson will cover the main points from this course, and it serves as a great memory refresher.

Maybe, you personally missed some important points and this way you will be able to go back to the corresponding Lesson and gain more knowledge about it.

Shared Hosting:

As covered in Lesson 1, Shared hosting is the most affordable type of web hosting. Why? Because hundreds of hosting accounts share the same web server (as shown in the picture below). Approximately 99% of all sites have been hosted on shared hosting platforms.

shared hosting overview

Top 3 Shared Hosting Choices


All three provide 1-Click WordPress Install. If you choose not to use WordPress, all three come with free template-based website builders. All three come with advertising credits. All three are in the Top 10 most recommended shared hosting providers across the Internet.

Why you may want to go with iPage? Because, most of the time, they offer the cheapest introductory price. If you choose 36-month or 3-year option, you will pay only between $68 and $72 depending on the deal you get when you sign up.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space

All three hosts, like the most other shared hosting providers out there, advertise "Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space," but remember there is no such thing as "Unlimited."

Just as no freeway can be infinitely wide or move unlimited number of vehicles in one month, no web host provider can really offer unlimited bandwidth and data transfer.

So what do they really mean by Unlimited?

What they are really saying is ‘we are pretty sure we have enough bandwidth and disk space for you to run a fully-functional personal or small business website.’ Even if you have a personal website with hundreds of pages there is nothing to worry about if you use them properly.

iPage and JustHost explain that only 5 out of 10000 customers are Abnormally-High-Usage customers?

They state that, typically, those are the customers who use their accounts for file storage and sharing rather than hosting.

If you will be streaming many videos from your site, we highly recommend that you host them on YouTube or other free Video hosting site. That way you won't be consuming your host's bandwidth, and at the same time you put yourself in a position to get more visitors to your site via your YouTube channel.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about Bandwidth and Disk Space usage.

Choosing a Good Domain Name

Remember to try to get a .com domain name only unless, of course, you need country-specific domain name extensions such as .ca, .eu, or .fr. Also, remember to stay away from dashes, since they are confusing.

If you don’t want your name, address, and phone number listed along with your domain name on WhoIs.net and other domain name information sites, then you want to consider registering your domain name privately. That’s why we recommend that you
register your domain name with 1and1. 1and1 domain name registration comes with free domain name privacy and you can easily host that domain name through another web hosting provider by updating your domain's DNS settings, as explained in Lesson 7.

Website Building Tools

We covered three different types:

1. WordPress

One of the most popular website building and blogging tools available today. WordPress is free and it has an easy learning curve. WordPress users create free templates (website look and feel designs) called WordPress Themes, but you can also buy some very nice themes for around $30 to $60 dollars. Ipage, JustHost, and Hostgator hosting accounts come with 1-Click WordPress Install!

2. Weebly
Drag-and-Drop website builder. Great choice for beginners. If you can use a Mouse, then you can build a website with Weebly!

If you choose iPage as your hosting provider, you can build a 6-page website with Weebly without extra cost.

3. Dreamweaver
For advanced users and web developers. It costs more, but well worth it if you want to invest time and money.


VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. So you feel like you have a whole server for yourself, but not quite there yet! Dedicated Hosting means that one whole server is dedicated to you.

If Shared Hosting is likened to one apartment in a building, VPS hosting is likened to one townhouse in a townhouse complex, then Dedicated Hosting can be likened to a whole house.

If you will be running a very high bandwidth and data storage site, gaming site, ecommerce site, you need more freedom, then you need to consider either VPS or Dedicated server hosting. Of course, your decision will need to be based on your needs and requirements. Be ready to pay about $50/month for a good VPS hosting plans and more than $100/month for Dedicated server .

1and1 is the great choice for VPS and Dedicated hosting solutions.

Windows Web Hosting

If you're running Windows OS on your PC, it doesn't mean that you need to have a Windows hosting plan. You only need a Windows hosting plan if you will be using technologies such as ASP, ASP.net, and ColdFusion that require servers running Windows OS.

A really good choice for Windows hosting is IXWebHosting.

These were the main points of our course, which we hope you found useful!

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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