Lesson #9: What is Windows Hosting?

Last Update: September 20, 2013

So why did we place this topic in Lesson #9? It's because we don't want to confuse you.
One of the biggest misassumptions is: if you're running Windows OS on your PC, you need to choose a Windows web hosting plan. However, this is not true!

Most of the web hosting providers run Linux OS on their web servers. Pretty much all template based website builders and sites are hosted on Linux-based servers. WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS-based sites are also hosted on Linux-based servers.

What is Windows Hosting?

Windows web hosting means that the web hosting server is running Windows OS. Having said that, Windows hosting is required if a website needs to support MS SQL database; if .NET script is used to compose a website; if ASP scripts (Active Server Pages) are being used; you need support for ColdFusion; or if Windows Streaming Media is required on a website. Also, Windows hosting is very useful when support for other Microsoft products is required.
That's right, you will only need Windows web hosting when needing support for Microsoft's technologies and web development tools, and not when you are running Windows OS on your PC.
Most likely, the only time you will need Windows web hosting is if you hire a web designer who uses Windows web development tools or if you are a web designer yourself and you want to use Microsoft's technologies such as ColdFusion, ASP and ASP.net.
Our recommended shared hosting providers run Linux-based OS on their web servers. At this time, they don't offer Windows hosting. Why? Because Window-based servers must be licensed. On the other hand, Linux OS is free and there are no costs associated with licensing. Also, very few people need Windows hosting support.
If a web host offers Windows hosting plans, it will be called "Windows Hosting." If it doesn't say "Windows," then, most likely, it is a Linux-based plan.
IXWebHosting offers great Windows Hosting plans, and you will see that they are clearly distinguished from Linux Hosting plans. You will also notice that Windows Hosting plans cost more.

Lesson #9 Conclusion:

Once again, if you're running Windows OS on your PC, it doesn't mean that you need to get Windows hosting plan. You only need Windows hosting plan if you will be using technologies that require servers running Windows OS.